The Author

What makes an artwork attractive? May be the perfect execution, the chiaroscuro, the study of perspective and colors? Also!
What I try to convey is "to give an emotion". The thrill of being in front of an unique work, "lived" during its execution, wich has its own "individual story". Any of my works has is own story I could tell its detailed. On my opinion, painting is not ... reproducing things as they are, I would rather have chosen photography instead of painting! Painting is sharing my emotions!!! Knowing everybody will see something different in my art, means I've been able to give some of my personal emotions.

Ruggero Ruggieri - Author and Expositions Ruggero Ruggieri - Author and Expositions

Hi, my name is Ruggero Ruggieri

... the author of the works on this Website.

My story as an artist

Anybody can learn painting technique art but, if you are a bit gifted, the ''gesture comes on its own''. I belong to a family of artists. My grandfather’s brother Salvatore Murra, and 2 of his sons Enzo Murra and Raffaele Murra, were fresco artists and art restorers in churches, receiving assignments either from the Polish Pope and the German Pope.

Aged 5 years old I spent many afternoons of my summer holiday, together with my uncle Salvatore Murra, while he was painting. I remember I was astonished of the beauty coming out of any gesture of his brushes.

Aged 12 years old I won my first art contest for all pupils of my school. My family weren’t surprised about my success as they were aware art ran in my veins.

My passions

I love the art of painting on any of its statement. The creative freedom of this art ''allowes'' me to express my rebellious spirit, self-deprecation and desecration! I am passionate about travelling and meeting new people all over the world, not as "a tourist" but as "a traveller". I love history, archeology, adventures, jazz music and cooking.

My inspiration

I admire the fathers of impressionism: Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, Degas ... the cubists: Picasso, Braque etc. All of them had the courage to defend their own ideas.

''We need to study the masters, but we must also listen to what is throbbing in our souls and pass to the sword those who try to scratch it!'' (El Greco: 1541 – 1614)